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Az akupunktura neurológiai hatásai

PdfAz akupunktúrát gyakran alkalmazzák stroke-os betegeknél, ugyanakkor eddig nem végeztek olyan, kontroll-csoport bevonásával végrehajtott kutatásokat, amelyek a a stroke-ot követő időszakban végrehajtott akupunktúrás kezelések agyi vérkeringésre gyakorolt hatását vizsgálták volna. E kísérleti tanulmány célja, hogy értékelje a valódi és ál akupunktúra hatásait az agyi vérkeringés sebességére és ezzel alapul szolgáljon további kutatásokhoz ezen a területen.

Neural Acupuncture Unit- A New Concept for Interpreting Effects and Mechanisms of Acupuncture

pdfModern acupuncture can be defined as a therapeutic technique in which sharp, thin needles are inserted into specific points on the body with mechanical, electrical, or other physical stimulation. The nomenclature and localization of most specific points, known as acupuncture points or acupoints, were established in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) during about B.C. 400–A.D. 1740s. Over the past four decades, numerous clinical observations and studies have shown that acupuncture therapy possesses broad therapeutic benefits.

Review of Clinical Applications of Scalp Acupuncture for Paralysis

pdfChinese scalp acupuncture is a contemporary acupuncture technique integrating traditional Chinese needling methods with Western medical knowledge of representative areas of the cerebral cortex. It has been proven to be a most effective technique for treating acute and chronic central nervous system disorders. Scalp acupuncture often produces remarkable results with just a few needles and usually brings about immediate improvement, sometimes taking only several seconds to a minute.

The Affects of Acupuncture on Cerebral Blood Flow in Post-Stroke Patients

pdfThe present study was designed as a pilot concept- assessment study to examine the influence of acupuncture on cerebral blood flow in post-stroke patients using tran- scranial Doppler imaging. The design was based on compar- ison of effects of true acupuncture (TA) to sham acupuncture (SA).