This examination is more than a simple health assessment at Medical Healing Point

We combine Traditional Chinese Medicine with modern laboratory diagnostics and medical equipment. This way, we can determine the underlying causes behind existing symptoms with greater precision than ever before.

Observing the body in its interconnectedness, our clinic takes a holistic approach – we pay close attention to both the physical and mental symptoms of our patients. When establishing a diagnosis, we focus on the correlations between symptoms. This way we can reveal hidden problems that might easily be overlooked based solely on individual lab results.

We create a personalized treatment plan for each patient.

Complex therapies all in one place
The most modern diagnostic methods
Natural methods, without drugs
Empathetic, highly qualified professionals
Real solutions, treating the root cause
Ancient remedies without side effects


We can help you in the following areas:

Diarrhea, constipation
Ulcerative colitis
Crohn’s disease
Food intolerances
Flatulence (bloating)

Menstrual problems
Thyroid diseases

Neck and back pain
Paralysis (paresis)
Multiple sclerosis

Dry, itching skin
Hard-to-heal wounds


    Chronic fatigue
    Sleeping difficulties
    Low libido
    Post-covid symptoms

    Choose Medical Healing Point because it is …


    We use natural solutions that stimulate the body’s microcirculation and hormone balance in a controlled manner, without side effects or drugs. Acupuncture plays an important role in our treatments. It simultaneously affects the body’s energy balance, blood formation, blood circulation, and the coordination of the cooperation of different organs, thereby reducing and promoting the elimination of inflammation.


    We consider it important to interpret the various examination and laboratory results in combination with Traditional Chinese Medicine, imaging technologies and biofeedback assessments. The solution often lies in the connections. The amount of different hormones, minerals and other components in relation to each other – even within the reference range – can be an immediate answer to the problems of the body.


    Our diagnostic method combines the examination protocol of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the analysis of laboratory results. A personalized treatment plan will then be compiled, taking into a account the individual preferences of our patients. We do not only focus on alleviating symptoms and complaints, but we also try to find the root cause during this complex assessment.


    The therapeutic system at our center is unique: Traditional Chinese doctor, microbiome specialist dietitians, massage therapists, reflexologists, clinical psychologists and mental health specialists will also help you recover. We know how difficult it is to find time for yourself in the fast-paced world, so we have those different therapies all at one place.

    What are the steps of the Complex Health Assessment?

    Book an appointment at our reception

    Referral and discount for blood test by email

    Blood test

    Taking medical history with our colleague

    Complex health assessment with Dr. János Papp

    Detailed discussion of treatment plan

    Diagnostics based on Traditional Chinese Medicine is fundamentally different from other examination methods, so the process of health assessment is also different from the medical examinations you have experienced before. While Western-style blood test diagnostics usually focus exclusively on data outside the reference range, the Chinese doctor also infers the condition of the whole body from the results within the normal range. In addition, he also uses examination methods that a traditional doctor rarely, if ever, does. For example, pulse diagnosis, which, in contrast to Western medicine, the Chinese doctor examines on both hands, at three different points. He combines this with the visual inspection of the tongue, lips, and many other areas in order to make an accurate diagnosis. With the diagnostic methods of Traditional Chinese Medicine, possible blocks in the body can be revealed much earlier, even before the appearance of painful complaints. This way under-functioning and over-functioning of certain organs can be easily detected.
    In this phase, the non-optimal bodily functions can be effectively treated with health-conscious treatments or lifestyle changes, thereby avoiding more serious diseases and invasive interventions. During the Comprehensive Health Assessment, our patients receive an accurate picture of their current state of health from an experienced Traditional Chinese doctor, as well as treatment suggestions for improving their condition.

    How do I prepare for the Complex Health Assessment?

    In case of non-musculoskeletal problems, please bring with you a general laboratory test not older than 6 months and your possible other medical records.  We recommend that as little time as possible elapses between the time of blood collection and the time you wake up. We only need a 3-point oral glucose tolerance test and insulin level if insulin resistance has previously been suspected, or if the blood sugar level fluctuates frequently.

    It is forbidden to perform the test in the case of diagnosed diabetes!

    Blood collection is possible at our center. Please contact us for further information!

    The person you meet at the Complex Health Assessment

    Papp János

    Traditional Chinese medicine practitioner 

    “As a holistic healer, I try to convey the importance of health awareness to my patients. For we are not merely victims of our circumstances, but that we can do a lot for ourselves by paying attention to the signals of our bodies and understanding its functioning. This way we can preserve our health and prevent diseases. Most people don’t live their lives this way, so it takes time for our patients to adjust. Advancing this process is one of the most important tasks in my work. At the same time, as a doctor, it is so uplifting for me to see when someone is cured of endometriosis or PCO syndrome, when I can reduce the after-effects of a stroke, when I witness a paralyzed limb move again, or when I can bring a quiet day to those who suffer from constant tinnitus. This dedication accompanies me throughout my life.”

    Those who chose us



    Complex Health Assessment (Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnostics + evaluation of laboratory results) 1 occasion | 60 minutes| 40 000 HUF
    Consultation (for an existing patient) 1 occasion | 15 minutes | HUF 15 000
    New health assessment (for a returning patient) 1 occasion | 20-30 minutes | HUF 25,000


    By public transport: tram 4 or 6 or metro line 2 from Széll Kálmán tér, a 10-minute walk; tram 56, 59, 56A, 59B, 61, 61B from Nyúl utca stop, a 1-2 minute walk, buses 5, 91, 155, 156 from Nyúl utca bus stop, a 1-2 minute walk.

    Street parking is subject to a fee, and it’s advisable to arrive a few minutes earlier to allow time for finding parking space. We’re pleased to inform you that there are 10 parking spaces available in the underground garage beneath the Health Center building; however, we kindly ask you to indicate your parking intention when making an appointment. Parking fee: 500 HUF/hour.

    Address: 1024 Budapest, Szilágyi Erzsébet fasor 11/A

    Phone number: +36-30-630-6396

    Email (office): [email protected]

    Email (reception, appointments, cancellations): [email protected]


    Frequently Asked Questions

    • What symptoms can I contact you with?

      With bloating of any origin, digestive problems, inflammations of the digestive system (IBS, Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis), food intolerance, non-chemically induced skin diseases (psoriasis, rosacea, shingles, liver spots), autoimmune diseases, headaches and migraines, abdominal pain of unknown origin, constipation, diarrhea, bloody stools, chronic fatigue, tinnitus, hair loss, etc.

    • How can I book an appointment for the Complex Health Assessment?

      Here, through a message sent on the website (in this case, our assistant will call you back within 24 hours) or by phone at 06-30-630-6396. Within our office hours (Monday-Thursday), we will try to provide you with the most suitable time for the assessment.

    • What should I bring with me to the examination?

      Please bring a general laboratory test not older than 6 months and your possible other medical records with you. Depending on the results of the examination, we may also recommend specific hormone, glucose intolerance and/or insulin laboratory tests.

    • What happens at the examination?

      Upon your arrival, we will record your data and review your medical history: surgeries, possible medications, sensitivities, allergies. Dr. János Papp performs the assessment using the methods of Traditional Chinese Medicine (questioning, observation, tongue and pulse examination). The examination is done fully clothed. After that, we will discuss your diagnosis and create your personalized treatment plan - also taking into account when, how frequently and how you can participate in the treatments.