Microbiome test – a new dimension in diagnostics

A revolutionary new possibility in diagnostics that can be used to map our immune system status and to shed light on the origin of many unpleasant complaints. The painless microbiome test, the so called intestinal flora examination, reveals the composition of the bacterial strains that make up the flora. They may be useful and necessary or specifically harmful, i.e. pathogenic bacterial strains. The lack of beneficial strains, along with the proliferation of pathogens, can lead to insufficient absorption and various unpleasant complaints. Chronic stress, improper diet, sedentary lifestyle, lack of sleep or superficial sleep, but even a course of antibiotics or the use of hormonal contraceptives can adversely affect our intestinal flora. Founder of our center, leading doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, János Papp, recognized that dysbiosis, i.e. the disruption of the gut flora, is behind a great variety of symptoms and complaints. Restoration of the natural equilibrium is a complicated task and requires highly qualified and experienced specialists. We treat our patients in close cooperation with the now state-of-the-art laboratory.

Blood tests and medical examinations often fail to find the root cause of different, seemingly unrelated complaints. These can impair the quality of life of patients: hair loss, skin complaints (eczema, acne), digestive difficulties or tinnitus are some of the most common. However, with the help of the microbiome test we are able to identify the root of the problem and set up a most accurate treatment plan.

Let’s look at the various complaints that can indicate you might need a microbiome test:


Mental health

Internal medicine




What can we learn from the microbiome test results?

The composition of the intestinal flora shows the degree of absorption of different nutrients and vitamins. It can reveal the cause of underlying hormonal diseases (e.g. thyroid problems, insulin resistance, endometriosis, infertility, adrenal insufficiency). Most of the above mentioned problems can often  be related to internal inflammation. Diseases previously thought to be incurable (intestinal diseases, SIBO) will be treated successfully, and bloating can be eliminated. What’s more, behind the discomfort associated with long-standing tinnitus are inflammations in the majority of cases, which thus can be treated in a more targeted way.

Equilibrium of the gut flora has a great influence on our thinking, and its alteration can result in numerous upsets on the gut-brain axis, which can cause depression, trouble focusing, fatigue, and nervous system symptoms. It has also been proven in many cases that histamine intolerance is caused by a disrupted microbiotic balance, and the restoration of it may completely eliminate the various symptom clusters.

In our video, Regina Repcsák, the dietitian at Medical Healing Point, discusses the process of microbiome testing, the cases in which we recommend this diagnostic method, and what the analysis of the results can reveal to the knowledgeable professional. She also talks about the therapeutic options available for treating conditions and regenerating the gut flora. The video is in Hungarian.

How we differ from others:


The microbiome test we employ utilizes the most advanced technology available, DNA sequencing, specifically the Shotgun method. This technique represents the pinnacle of current technology.


Our dietitians specialize primarily in microbiome analysis, giving them a much greater knowledge and experience compared to professionals who only occasionally deal with this area.


Every professional in our center maintains a continuous, daily connection with our partner laboratory, which provides professional support and consistently shares the latest research findings with us.

Holistic approach

In every case, we assess our patients' dietary habits and lifestyle, and we interpret the microbiome test results in conjunction with these factors as well as their laboratory findings.


Our health center offers comprehensive therapy to our patients, combining state-of-the-art technology and medical devices with ancient, side-effect-free healing modalities.

How does the test and the gut flora restoration work?


Sample collection

The test is carried out using a stool sample, which can be collected conveniently, simply and hygienically at home. All instructions can be found in the user manual. The sampling box required for collection can be purchased at the reception of our center or we can mail it to you as needed. The box includes a questionnaire in which you need to state your eating habits and medical history. It is also important to mark (underline)that you require your test results in English. Should you have any questions, our employees are eager to help.

The sample (in the test tube) and the completed questionnaire must be sent by post to our laboratory partner in the addressed envelope provided. We recommend sending by registered priority mail.


Laboratory test

Our partner laboratory is not a traditional microbiology laboratory, where bacteria are cultured on different culture media and examined with microscopes. In many cases the intestinal bacteria are not able to survive outside the body, or are only present in such small numbers that they are suppressed by other bacterial species during culture tests. However, thanks to our special sample preservation process, their genetic stock is preserved and can be detected with the means of a new generation DNA sequencing technology.

The genetic fingerprint of all the bacteria found in the sample can be identified this way. This method represents the cutting edge of the currently available microbiological technology.



Once your test is complete, the laboratory will send you a notification email. The test result is an approximately 50-page microbiological document on the composition of your intestinal flora, which is going to be analyzed by a microbiome specialist dietician. Please contact us to book an appointment for the evaluation. Our expert is going to study your test result in advance and prepare for the interpretation of the findings. Please allow three working days for this, since evaluation of the detailed document and the compilation of a personalized treatment plan require hours.

During the hour-long appointment, the dietician will detail your microbiological test results, explain the possible health implications. She will outline your treatment plan, which includes not only the use of certain dietary supplements, but also reforming your everyday diet.



In each case, the treatment is personalized, as our microbiome is as unique as our fingerprint. In most cases, the dietician recommends a special diet for a specific period of time, and pre- or probiotics and dietary supplements must be taken in the appropriate order of recommendation. In addition, our expert can suggest lifestyle changes, such as regular exercise and rest, and can also recommend additional treatments as needed. The use of the suggested preparations in the prescribed order, quantity and manner is essential for the success of the treatment! It is very important that everyone follows their own treatment plan, because what is medicine in one case may have a harmful effect on the gut flora of another patient!


199 000 HUF
  • Sampling box
  • Microbiome laboratory test 
  • 50-page lab result
  • Evaluation by our microbiome specialist dietician
  • Personalized treatment plan
  • Personalized nutrition plan
  • Keep in touch with the dietitian throughout the treatment (email)

Microbiome plus

220 000 HUF
  • Sampling box
  • Microbiome laboratory test 
  • 50-page lab result
  • Evaluation by our microbiome specialist dietician
  • Personalized treatment plan
  • Personalized nutrition plan
  • Keep in touch with the dietitian throughout the treatment (email)
  • Meal plan for 5 days

Microbiome 360

395 000 HUF
  • This set includes two examinations and analyses, one for initial assessment and another one after the completion of the treatment.
  • Sampling box
  • Microbiome laboratory test 
  • 50-page lab result
  • Evaluation by our microbiome specialist dietician
  • Personalized treatment plan
  • Personalized nutrition plan
  • Keep in touch with the dietitian throughout the treatment (email)
  • Meal plan for 5 days

Feeling uncertain? Join us for a 30-minute microbiome consultation, where our experts will assist you in making decisions and answer your questions! The consultation fee is 18,000 HUF, which will be waived if you purchase any microbiome package!

Our success stories

Why us?

What should you pay attention to when selecting a microbiome test? How are we different from other institutions offering microbiome testing? What more can we provide and do for your health? To hear the answers from dietitian Regina Repcsák, click on the video. The video is in Hungarian.


  • I have a headache, my hair is falling out, I can't lose weight... what does this have to do with my bowels?

    With little exaggeration, the state and composition of your gut has everything to do with what happens in your body. Why? Because this is where nutrients are absorbed, hormones are produced, and this area is often a hotbed of inflammation, which of course affects your entire body.

  • I already had a microbiome test done elsewhere, can I just ask for the analysis?

    Each case is a matter of individual assessment, to be discussed with Dr. Janos Papp and the dieticians. According to our experience, the microbiome tests sold by most well-known testing centers examine only a few components or bacterial strains (compared to ours). We simply cannot responsibly start our treatment with insufficient information. This is also why it is very important to choose the right specialist and have the examination recommended by them carried out, since it is an expensive examination and no one wants to pay for it twice. Should you have any questions about the status of your test, please contact us: [email protected]

  • I have no digestive complaints. Is it still possible that my microbiome is out of balance?

    Yes. It often happens that digestion is normal, or the patient thinks so, but dysbiosis still exists. Disruption of the intestinal flora can produce a wide variety of symptoms, so a complaint-free digestion alone does not rule out dysbiosis.

  • I live outside of Hungary. Can I still do the test?

    We mail you the sampling kit, and all you need to do is send the sample to the laboratory in Hungary. Shipping is safe because the sample is placed in a preservative liquid in a test tube. We can offer the evaluation and counseling online, so personal presence is not necessary at all.

  • I would like to buy it for my child, is this possible?

        Yes, of course.

  • Can I just pay for the test without an analysis?

    Certainly. However, we would like to call your attention to the fact that the laboratory  produces a thorough microbiological analysis, and it cannot be understood as a layman. We recommend that an experienced dietician specialized in microbiome health explain the results to you.

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