Foot Reflexology – much more than just foot massage

The basis of foot reflexology lies in the ancient Eastern belief that the organs of the body are „mapped” onto the sole of the foot. Stubborn calluses, corns, or discolorations, as well as sensitive points, are all signals from our body indicating imbalance in the corresponding organ area. By applying pressure to these zones, we initiate changes in the functioning of organs, tissues, and bodily functions. Reflexology treatment triggers the body’s self-healing processes, improves circulation of body fluids, stimulates and restores blood and lymph circulation, aids in the elimination of waste and toxins, alleviates pain, relieves physical and mental tension, and regulates the function of hormone-producing glands. It is just as effective in treating chronic diseases as it is in cases of allergies, digestive or circulatory complaints.

„In the art of reflexology, lies the marvelous art of conscious touch.” – Csi An

Similar to acupuncture, reflexology also works with gentle yet highly effective forces, reminding our organs, immune system, and bodily processes of their proper functioning. It complements and enhances the positive effects of alternative and medical treatments. In addition to healing, it also releases tension caused by stress, relaxes the body, and replenishes the reserves of an exhausted body.

In what cases do we recommend foot reflexology treatment?




Mizséry Cintia a reflexológiáról

Mizséry Cintia központunk relfexológusa és gyógymasszőre beszél a reflexológia hátteréről, folyamatáról és terápiás lehetőségeiről. Ha érdekel, hogy milyen esetekben ajánljuk, és hogyan történik egy kezelés nézd meg videónkat.

How does a treatment proceed?"

The treatment takes place in a seated or semi-reclined position, in a comfortable massage chair or beauty treatment bed, optionally with the diffusion of relaxing essential oils, in dim lighting. The session always begins with examining and palpating the feet. It’s important to note that the reflexologist assesses the condition but does not diagnose. Accordingly, the treatment plan is tailored based on the provided diagnosis and the patient’s individual needs, lifestyle, and pain tolerance. Foot reflexology is often likened to a more intense foot massage, but here, every touch is purposeful and aimed at healing.

What will I feel during the treatment? Will it be painful?

As a result of foot reflex zone massage, various processes and changes can be triggered in the body due to the quantity and quality of stimuli affecting it. In most cases, these effects are pleasant, soothing, and comfortable, often leading to feelings of relaxation, even drowsiness, or complete relaxation. Additionally, experiencing the healing processes can also be noticeable. Regular foot reflexology not only initiates the body’s self-healing mechanisms but also helps to relax local muscles. Blood circulation improves, energy blockages dissolve, and pain diminishes. Reflexology significantly contributes to restoring and maintaining health. Most people find the treatment to be particularly pleasant, reporting little to no pain, at most, mild sensitivity when touching problematic reflex points.

Our reflexology specialists


Szlavati Éva



Saisamon Kanphukdee


Severe circulatory disorders, deep vein thrombosis, inflamed varicose veins, high-risk pregnancy, open wounds or ulcers on the feet, fractures, generally within 6 weeks post-surgery are contraindications. Foot reflex zone massage is not recommended for women on the first day of menstruation. We do not treat fungal infections on the feet. Fever, suspected viral or bacterial infections are absolute contraindications.


Foot reflexology treaatment 1 session | 50 minutes | 17 000 HUF
5 sessions | 50 minutes | 80 000 HUF
10 sessions | 50 minutes | 150.000 HUF
20 sessions | 50 minutes | 280 000 HUF


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